Anna first was drawn into bookbinding by a deep appreciation of the old crafts and skilled trades; as an avid reader and lover of antiques and all things beautiful, bookbinding quickly became a fascination. As she entered the bookbinding community, she was pleasantly surprised by the strong desire among bookbinders to further the craft by helping each other and passing on knowledge. The art of handbookbinding will never die as long as there are skilled practitioners with a passion to teach others and share from their resources and skills to smooth the journey of those new to the trade.

As Anna began her journey into the craft with the help of many wonderful bookbinders, she fell in love. Every aspect of bookbinding, from the textures and reactions of different papers to the smell of new leather was a delight. Bookbinding is both an art and a science; creativity is called for in the design of new bindings and absolute precision, attention to detail, and sound understanding of materials and reactions is required.  It is a craft for both the patient and methodical and the artistic. Anna found great fulfillment both in restoring an old and battered book to its former glory and crafting a new binding into a thing of beauty.  She looks forward to many years in a fascinating trade she is very passionate about.

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